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Österreichischer Personenverkehr, Austria
Bus&Car, France
Transporama, Belgium
Kamioni, Avtobussi, Bulgaria
Kamion&Bus, Croatia
Danske Busvorgnmand, Danmark
Auto, tekniikka ja kuljetus, Finland
Bus & Coach Buyer, Great Britain
Troxoi & TIR Magazine, Greece
Camion Truck & Bus Magazin, Hungary
Fleet Management Magazine, Ireland
tuttoTrasporti, Italy
Touringcar&Bus, Netherlands
Buss-Magasinet, Norway
Autobusy, Poland
Tranzit, Romania
Transport&Logistika, Slovenia
Autobuses & Autocares, Spain
Trafik Forum, Sweden
TIR transNews, Switzerland

Who is in the Jury?

The jury started its work in 1989 with 12 members from 12 leading bus magazines from 12 countries. If a new editor wants to join the jury, he has to proof that his magazine is the most specialized in his country, that he knows a lot about buses and coaches and has some experience in driving. So there are just experts.