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Österreichischer Personenverkehr, Austria
Transporama, Belgium
Kamioni, Avtobussi, Bulgaria
Kamion&Bus, Croatia
Transport a Logistika, Czech Republic
Danske Busvorgnmand, Danmark
Auto, tekniikka ja kuljetus, Finland
Bus&Car, France
Bus & Coach Buyer, Great Britain
Troxoi & TIR Magazine, Greece
Camion Truck & Bus Magazin, Hungary
Fleet Management Magazine, Ireland
tuttoTrasporti, Italy
Touringcar&Bus, Netherlands
Buss-Magasinet, Norway
Autobusy, Poland
Tranzit, Romania
Transport&Logistika, Slovenia
Autobuses & Autocares, Spain, Sweden
TIR transNews, Switzerland

Who is in the Jury?

The jury started its work in 1989 with 12 members from 12 leading bus magazines from 12 countries. If a new editor wants to join the jury, he has to proof that his magazine is the most specialized in his country, that he knows a lot about buses and coaches and has some experience in driving. So there are just experts.